“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...” Hosea 4:6, thus speaks the Lord through Hosea the prophet about his people’s ignorance on spiritual things. Knowledge is powerful whether it is spiritual knowledge, medical knowledge or social, cultural or political knowledge. We need all forms of knowledge if we are to prosper and do well in our society and Nation. Hence Spirit and Revival Evangelism is now launching our 1 Hour Talks/Lectures on Contemporary issues and Challenges affecting the Church and Christians in Britain Today.

These 1 Hour talks/lectures aim to inform Churches and Christians of some of the social, Cultural and political changes in our society over the recent decades and how they impact Christians and how we practice our Faith. These 1 hour Talks/Lectures are done as Power Point Presentations

As I have ministered in Churches throughout the United Kingdom I have found that many Christians are unaware of the social, cultural and political issues and changes in our co society that affect them. In a society that has become hostile to Christianity, Christians and the Church, we would be wise to understand some of the issues that affect us. Jesus told us to be wise a serpents (Matthew 10:16), so knowing the issues that affect us and how to respond to them is essential for Christians living in Britain today.

Our society in undergoing rapid, social, cultural and political changes. There changes directly or indirectly impact the Church and Christians in society. These changes and issues cover all aspects of life from the Family, the redefinition  of marriage, Christians in the workplace,  the role of the Church and Christianity in society, medical ethics issues such as assisted suicide, the rise of Islam and this impacts on Christianity, secularisation, and of course political correctness. All these and many other issues affect Christians and how we practice our faith in a secular society. Increasingly we hear about Christians being victimised and marginalised because of their faith, with some even going to prison because of their faith. We need to know what is happening in our society so that we can navigate  through the minefield of polices, practices and laws that are often hostile to our Christian Faith.

 These talks and Lectures aim to:

1.Inform Christians of the social, cultural and political changes in our society and how they impact on the Church, Christians and Christianity

2.Help Christians navigate through the social , cultural and political  changes and legislation that affects them in the Workplace, family, society and the Church

3.Help Churches and Ministries understand how these social, cultural and political changes impact their proclamation of the Gospel in their community and city

4.Suggest strategies and ways to respond to these cultural, social and political issues without
compromising our Christian Faith

Structure of these Talks/Lectures

The talks/Lectures are done as Power Point Presentation. Each one is an hour and has the following format:
i. Definition of what the topic is, e.g. what is political correctness

ii. How it impacts Christians, the Church and Christianity in Britain

iii. Devloping ways and strategies to respond and counter theses issues and changes in society.

We have at the moment 15 talks/lectures and many ongoing which are are developing

Islam Its Beliefs and Practices

The islamisation of Britain

Reaching Out to Muslims

Political Correctness, what is it, how it impacts Christians and how we can respond to it?

Christian in the Workplace

Secular Humanism and its impact on the society and the Church

Religious Freedom and the

The Secular Humanist Agenda against Christianity

Changes in Education that affect Christians

The Role of the Church & Christians in Society

The Family Under Attack

End of Life-Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide

The New Atheism

The Government’s Anti Extremism Strategy

Black Majority Church and their Role in Society

If you would like us to do a talk or series of talks, then you can contact us via the phone below or through e mail