We are excited to announce a new evangelism booklet entitled "Evangelism Outreach To Men-Reclaiming Men Back in the Church" by Austin Baxter. More details about this book and where you how you an purchase it are listed below.


In this booklet Austin discusses the often untalked about problem of lack of men in our Churches. We have a serious problem within Christianity and the Church. We have a serious shortage of men. Studies show that non believing men do not want to go to a Christian church, and those  who are Christian do not attend most of their church functions and activities. The problem is so serious that research on the subject suggests that if the trend continues, that by 2030 will have no men in our churches! Women make up the vast majority of church congregations throughout the United Kingdom and play a vital role in the life of the churches. However, studies show that churches grow when there are a lot of men in them. Why do we have this problem within Christianity alone? Other world religions do not have this gender imbalance in their congregations.

In this booklet, Austin examines this problem and looks at four major reasons why men do not go to church. The sad fact is that many men feel that Christianity and the church have become feminised and its traditional masculine character and vision has been rejected. Many men do not go to church because they feel uncomfortable because they present a feminine Christianity and church atmosphere.  Austin examines several changes the church can make to address this problem and reclaim men back into the church. He discusses some things we can do to make our churches more appealing to men. In the last chapter, he talks about how we can evangelise men and present a Christianity and church that affirms their masculinity.

Paperback:35 A5 page, 7,716 words

Publisher: SPIRIT AND WORD TEACHING (March 2016)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9928169-9-5

Price: £3+ £1.50 postage and packing, total: £4.50 

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