Evangelist: Austin Baxter

Healing Crusades and Evangelism Outreach


God has used Austin to bring many into his Kingdom. He comes from a Church and ministry background where signs and wonders, healing and miracles were a weekly occurrence. God uses him to heal, deliver and set many people free through the Anointing that rests upon his life.

Austin will help your Church and Ministry run, and organise a Healing Crusade/Outreach where he will pray for the sick and minister the Word.




***They let the community know that you are there,

and that you care for them***
***They release the power of God into your community***

***They cause the Church to be talked about and recognized in the community, as a place to go when people need help***

***They bring God’s blessing, because it was the method used by Jesus to launch his Ministry into the world***


Book Austin today to hold a Crusade or organise an Evangelism Outreach Programme in your Church