Welcome to our Evangelism Resources Page. On this page we offer you Evangelism Training Resources in the form of CDs/DVDs, booklets and tracts that will help you and your Church do the Work of Evangelism. You can purchase these materials online through Paypal. We will be regularly up-dating this page with more resources, so watch this space.


Evangelism Booklets

The Cost to the Church of Neglecting the Great Commission: £2


 We are living in a nation that has abandoned its Christian heritage, morals and standards. Society is crying out for solutions and answers to its major problems and ills. The only solution is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However this Gospel cannot be released until the Church begins to preach it to its communities and cities. Yet few Churches take evangelism seriously, many of them do not do it at all. In this booklet Austin Baxter discusses what happens to Churches when they fail to evangelise. He argues that they lose their purpose and vision in the Earth; secondly they lose the communities and cities God has given them and thirdly they begin to lose the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Only through repentance and turning back to the Great Commission can these negative effects be reversed. Booklet details: 17 A5 pages, 4165 words.

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Evangelism CDs


The Process of Biblical Conversion: 2 CDs £14


This CD set examines the spiritual steps that must happen to a person for them to become truly Born-Again.

To be effective in evangelism and witnessing, we must understand the spiritual steps that must occur for a person to become a Child of God. We have seen many make “decisions for Christ” and give their “hearts to the Lord”, but never attend Church or leave their sinful lifestyles. What is wrong? Why do we not see these “converts” wholeheartedly follow Christ? In these two important teaching CDs, Austin examines the spiritual steps that must occur before Regeneration – the born-again experience that happens to a person. He examines the work of Conviction, the process whereby a person is persuaded that they are a sinner and in need of salvation; the work of Repentance – what it truly means to repent and turn away from the old lifestyle and follow Jesus and; Faith – what it means to truly believe Jesus for salvation with the heart not just the mind. Through this teaching you will be equipped to preach the gospel, and lead many through to a true conversion experience to Jesus Christ.

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Evangelism Talks: 2 Cds £14


CD 1: EvangelismThe Church’s Responsibility to the World.  Christians will only take evangelism seriously when they understand that it is their responsibility to share the saving work of Jesus to the world.  In this CD, Austin explains that Christians are salt and light (Mark 5:13-14) and explains that unless they evangelise, our communities and society will disintegrate into moral and social chaos.

CD 2: Evangelism in Secular Britain.  Teaches on how to share the Gospel in a secular culture, Many believers have become disillusioned with Evangelism because they do not see immediate results when they share the Gospel in our secular culture. In this CD Austin explains what a secular culture is, how it is hostile to the Gospel and how we can begin to combat it through Apologetics and changing the way we present the Gospel Message to secular people

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Evangleistic Sermons to preach

In this series there are some sermons that we have preached on the Street, Churches and and at our Crusades. Many Christians do not know how to preach and what to say to unbelievers. These sermons give you a pointer on how to preach the gospe,l and the things you should say in the Gospel Message. We have preached these sermons on the Street, in Churches and on our Crusades.The CDs are £7 each and the DVDs are £10 each


1. You Appointment With God:Heb.9:27>>>Click to

2. Jesus Came to Set You Free:Luke 4:18>>>Click to

3. Is There a God? Knowedge of God in the Heart of All
     Men: Rom.1:18-21,
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4. The Meaning of the Cross>>>Click here to purchase>>>Paypal

5. God commands all Men to Repent: Acts 17:30>>>Click to

Effective Evangelism

These series of CDs, are teachings on Evangleism.They cover a wide range of topics that Christians and Churches must understand if they are to be effective in Evangelism.


1. Losing Sight of the Great Commission>>>Click to

2. The Gospel, God's Power>>>Click to purchase>>>Paypal

3. Methods of Evangelism:Street Evangelism>>>Click to 

4. Radio Messages: Situationals>>>Click to purchase>>>Paypal

5. The Role of the Evangelist>>>Click to Purchase>>>Paypal