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Below are a selection of Evangelism books I have written and have used to train up hundreds of Christians at various churches throughout the United kingdom to win souls for Christ.

1. One to One Evangelism

One to One Evangelism BookOne to One  is sharing your Faith with another person. It is one of the most successful methods of evangelism, and a key to Church Growth. However many Christians lack the confidence and skills to share their Faith. In this book Austin Baxter  teaches you the skills and knowledge to witness to anyone on a one-to-one basis. Through this book, you will learn the skills and knowledge to become an effective and powerful witness for Christ. This book has been used to train up hundreds of Christians in Evangelism throughout the United Kingdom. Many who have read this book, have become bold effective witnesses for Christ. The book is divided into four main chapters that cover: What is One-to-One Evangelism, Preparation for Evangelism, How to Effectively Share the Gospel Using the Law of God and How to Follow Up and Disciple new believers.

Paperback: 80 pages


 ISBN: 978-0954751562, Product Dimensions: 22.1 x 14.7 x 0.5 cm

 Chapters include

1. What is One to One Evangelism?

2. Preparation for Evangelism

3.Sharing the Gospel Message

4. Follow Up after Evangelism 

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Excerpt of chapter one of book

2. Basic Apologetics For Evangelism

Basic Apologetics For EvangelismApologetics  is the rational, intellectual defence of the Christian Faith. In 1 Peter 3:15, we are told that we must be ready to give an answer "apologia" to anyone who asks us of the hope that is within us. Basic Apologetics for Evangelism, equips Christians with the knowledge and skills to defend their faith and engage with people who hold different religious and secular worldviews. In this book Austin examines five worldviews that are prominent in our society today. These are Secular Humanism, Evolution, The new Atheism, Islam and Jehovah Witnesses. He teaches Christians how to respond to these worldviews and show people their inherent flaws and weaknesses. Basic Apologetics for Evangelism, shows Christians how religious and secular worldviews have blinded the hearts and minds of unbelievers, and how to lead them into the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ(2 Corinthians 4:4). 

Paperback: 92 pages


ISBN: 978-0992816933, Product Dimensions: 22.1 x 14.7 x 0.5 cm

Chapters include

1.What is Apologetics?

2. Introduction to Atheistic Worldviews

3. Introduction to Theistic Worldviews

4. Responding to the Different Worldviews 

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Basic Apologetics for Evangelism Youtube Video

3. Power Evangelism


"Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you and ye shall be witnesses..."(Acts 1:8). Jesus told us that spiritual power was available to us to do evangelism in the person of the Holy Spirit. To be effective witnesses for Christ we must not only people about Him, we must demonstrate the reality of Him through signs and wonders(Mark 16:15-18). In this book Power Evangelism Austin teaches about the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit and how to release them in evangelism. In the this book Austin teaches on the Healing Ministry and how to pray for the sick whilst witnessing to them. There are many religions and worldviews out there contending for the minds and hearts of men and women. If the Church is to impact society it must not only proclaim the Gospel but demonstrate the Gospel through signs and wonders. This book is full of valuable information and exercises that teaches Christians how to do this.

Paperback: 80 pages


ISBN: 978-0992816940

Chapters include

1. Biblical Basis for Power Evangelism

2.The Holy Spirit

3.The Healing Ministry

4. Gifts of the Spirit. 

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Excerpt of book Chapter 1

4. Strategic Evangelism

Strategic EvanelismStrategic Evangelism is when churches develop evangelism strategies to win their communities and cities for Godin this fourth book on evangelism, Austin looks at three important evangelism strategies churches can use to win their communities for Christ.  

Paperback: 80 pages


 ISBN: 978-0-9928169-8-8

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Strategic Evangelism Youtube Video

5. Men's Evangelism Outreach-Reclaiming men Back into the Church
mensoutreachcoverIn this booklet Austin Baxter discusses the often untacked about problem of the lack of men in our churches. There is a serious shortage of men in the Church today. Studies show that non believing men do not want to go to a Christian Church. Also Christian men do not attend most of their Church functions or activities. In this booklet Austin examines four important reasons drawn from research findings,  why men are not attending Church and how this problem can be rectified.

Publisher: Spirit of Revival Evangelism(2016)

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6. The Cost to the Church of Neglecting the Great Commission Booklet

The Cost to the ChurchWe are living in a nation that has abandoned its Christian Heritage, morals and standards. Society is crying out for solutions and answers to its problems and ills. The only solution is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However the Gospel cannot transform society unless it is released into society through the Church. In this booklet, Austin  examines three serious results that happens to churches who fail to evangelise their communities and cites.

Product details: Booklet 21 pages

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