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Christian Documentaries Project

Hello everyone. I would like to introduce you to our Christian Documentaries film projects we are working on. This consists of making highly quality documentaries on Christianity in Britain today. For this we need to raise £5,000 pounds to buy a broadcast quality camera which we will use for our film making.

You may not be aware but very little is done by the mainstream media in Britain to highlight the positive aspects of the Christian Faith and how Christianity has shaped Britain. We want to address this imbalance by making Christian documentaries which will be shown on social media sites throughout the world.  The mainstream media on the hole portray Christians and Christianity in a negative way. Influenced by the secular humanist agenda, the UK mainstream  media  promotes  the views  and  ideas  of   atheists  such as Richard Dawkins and uses taxpayer’s money to produce programmes for them. You may remember  Richard Dawkin's series of programmes which was aired on  Channel 4 in 2006 entitled
The Root of All Evil?, later entitled  The God Delusion. In this two part programme  Dawkins  argued that humanity would be better off without religion or belief in God. These programmes influenced millions of people throughout the United Kingdom, especially young people! It time that we as a Church responded to such false claims and present the truth about the Church, Christianity and the positive and powerful role they play in British society today. A powerful way of doing this is to produce quality Christian video documentaries that can answer and respond to programmes such as Richard Dawkins Root of all Evil. Spirit of Revival Evangelism has taken on this challenge and will produce such documentaries. However to do this we need the support of Christians and the Church to purchase a broadcast quality camera. You can help us do this by your financial contribution of any amount.

You can contribute by clicking the donate button below which will send you to pay site where you can contribute any amount

As a thank you to our contributors we will acknowledge them in each documentary “a special thank you to all who contributed to the project by helping us purchased the equipment" We will not include the personal names of anyone but use a generic thank you.  

Thank you and God Bless

Austin Baxter

Spirit of Revival Evangelism

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