Austin's Biography


Austin Baxter is a commissioned Evangelist and Motivational Trainer with Spirit of Revival Evangelism. He holds a B.A. degree in Theological Studies.


Austin preaches the Gospel in Crusades, on streets, in Churches ,old Peoples homes, on the Radio and also on Christian Television. His ministry Spirit of Revival Evangelism trains up Churches in Evangelism throughout the United Kingdom. He runs a range of Evangelism training courses which include One to One Evangelism, Basic Apologetics for Evangelism, Power Evangelism, Evangelism Outreach for Men and  and Crusade and Outreach Community Evangelism Projects. He has written several books on Evangelism books  which have sold throughout the United Kingdom and United States of America.

Trainer and Motivational Speaker

Austin worked within Local Government for several years as a Training Officer responsible of developing and training employees.. He has trained and developed many courses on Supervisory Skills, Customer Care, Team Building, People Skills, goal Setting and Time Management. He was also employed as a Manager of six officers. He was involved in one to one academic supervision of staff on university courses. Austin has developed several Leadership training seminars/workshops for Churches. These include  Motivational Techniques for Leaders Seminar, Taking Ownership of the Church Vision Seminar and Life Management Skills seminar which have run in Churches in the United kingdom..

Austin is a Trainer, Evangelist and Bible teacher. He has run bible courses, home groups and Worship in the Churches he has attended over the years. Presently Austin is involved in Evangelism Training in Churches throughout the UK, and  writing and selling books . Austin is married to Veronica and they have a young son Robert.