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APOSTASYApostasy is a serious subject that is rarely spoken about in our Churches. Apostasy is the wilful abandonment and rejection of Christ and Christianity by a person who had been a Christian. There are two main types of apostasy. Firstly there is doctrinal apostasy, when a Church or Christian departs from the orthodox teachings of the Christian Faith such as belief in the bodily resurrection of Christ. Secondly there is a total apostasy when a Christian renounces their Faith altogether. The scriptures warn us that in the Last Days “some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils…” 1 Timothy 4:1. We are living in a day when multitudes that once professed Christ and were zealous for His kingdom have rejected Him and walked away from Christianity. There are many famous Christians today who have abandoned their Faith. The reasons why they have fallen away from Christ are many and varied. Christians and Church leaders need to understand what Apostasy is. In this book Austin examines the subject of apostasy in detail. He defines what apostasy is and the different types of apostasy. He examines the many and varied reasons why Christians fall
away from the Faith. He looks at some apostates in Church history and some famous apostates today. In the final chapters of the book, Austin discusses how Christians and Churches can become aware of the signs of apostasy within themselves and their congregations. He discusses some strategies that will help Christians to protect themselves and their congregations from
this insidious and fatal spiritual disease.

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