powerevangelismbook"Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you and ye shall be witnesses..."(Acts 1:8). Jesus told us that spiritual power was available to us to do evangelism in the person of the Holy Spirit. To be effective witnesses for Christ we must not only people about Him, we must demonstrate the reality of Him through signs and wonders(Mark 16:15-18). In this book Power Evangelism Austin teaches about the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit and how to release them in evangelism. In the this book Austin teaches on the Healing Ministry and how to pray for the sick whilst witnessing to them. There are many religions and worldviews out there contending for the minds and hearts of men and women. If the Church is to impact society it must not only proclaim the Gospel but demonstrate the Gospel through signs and wonders. This book is full of valuable information and exercises that teaches Christians how to do this.

Paperback: 80 pages

Publisher: Spirit of revival Publishers

ISBN-13: 978-0992816940

Price: £7 +£2.80 Postage and Packing, total amount: £9.80

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