Trainer and Motivational Speaker: Austin baxter (B.A).


Austin Baxter

Austin Baxter is an Evangelist and Trainer who worked as a Training Officer and  Manager within Local Government. He was a Manager of six officers responsible for caseloads of trainees at work and college. He was a Training Officer responsible for developing, running and evaluating training courses. He has trained and developed many courses on Supervisory Skills, Customer Care, Team Building, People Skills and many other topics.  He has mentored and supervised staff  on university courses. Austin is a Trainer, Evangelist and Bible teacher. He has run bible courses, home groups and Worship in the Churches he has attended over the years. Presently Austin is involved in Evangelism Training in Churches throughout the UK, writing and selling books and Music Training. He holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Theological Studies.  


Spirit of Revival is keen to let you know about our leadership Training Seminars and Courses that we run in Churches. As a trainer and motivastional Speaker, we want to see God's people developed to their full potential and accompolishing the vision that God gave them. To this end we developed training courses/seminars and to equip leaders to become outstanding in their areas of responsibilites. We have serveral seminars/Courses that we have run in Churches which have been very  effective in developing Leaders. Below are a selection of  these Seminars/Courses. If you would like  us to come and run  one of these Seminars then please complete the form below, giving us your Church details.


Taking Ownership of the Vision Seminar




A course/seminar that equips and empowers Church Leaders, Pastors, deacons and elders to take ownership of the Vision of the Church.  Using Biblical and Managerial methods and techniques, this Seminar helps Church leaders understand their calling and responsibility to help the Vision of a Church to become a reality. It covers the following topics:

    **Definition of Ownership of a Vision**

**Biblical reasons why We need to Take Ownership**

**Organisational and Practical reasons why we Need to take Ownership**

**Barriers to Taking Ownership**

**How to take Ownership of the Vision**

Method: Talk, group exercises, Self-analysis, Case Studies





Self-Motivation Techniques for Leaders Seminar



Designed for and run  in Churches, this Seminar will empower your Church and Leadership Team with the Knowledge and Skills to take Motivate themselves  as they continue to help you fulfill the Vision. It is a fact of life that many leaders become discourages and quit, not knowing how to keep motivated in what God has called them to do. This Seminar equips them with the spiritual and psychological tools to stay positive and motivated all the time.
Method: Talk, group exercises, Self-analysis, Case Studies




Other Training Courses and Seminars that are available include:
***Life Management Training***
***Goal Setting Seminar***
***Management Training***
***Fulfill Your VISION***